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SKU: OA091

2017 Rabbitohs Wall Plaque featuring Robert Jennings & Luke Kelly

Auction End: 18 June 2018 15:00

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Own your own piece of the Rabbitohs Gym straight out of the Redfern Oval Training Facility. Pump iron while being inspired by playing images of Robert Jennings & Luke Kelly.

Please note that these are authentic & have experienced general wear & tear in the Rabbitohs Gym Sessions. 

Size: 200cm x 50cm
Material: Plastic Laminate

Conditions: Pick up from SSFC HQ only

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18 June 2018 12:49 25.00 PC
18 June 2018 12:49 20.00 CA
18 June 2018 12:49 15.00 PE
18 June 2018 12:49 10.00 CA

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