How To Host The Best Rabbitohs BBQ

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With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get out of your trackies and into your singlets, whip out the tongs and tinnies, bring out the bangers and steaks and host your very own Rabbitohs themed barbie, so here are some tips and tricks for you to use to make it the best BBQ ever.

1. Eat As Much Meat As A Rabbitohs Metre-Eater

Everybody knows that you don’t win friends with salad, so it’s imperative that you stock up on as much protein as possible. Rabbitohs Nutritionist Ryan Pinto explains that on a hot pre-season day (taking into account the heat and field work, weights and wrestling) the average Rabbitoh will consume 4000 calories... That's 13-14 marinated BBQ steaks! If you want to be the best, you’ve got to eat like the best. So pick up that fork and start eatin' that pork!

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2.  Be Prepared For Some Yarns

The South Sydney Rabbitohs are the most famous and proudest sporting Club in the history of sport, and with 110 years of history behind them, there are plenty of stories to be told. Whether it’s John Sattler’s broken jaw, The Miracle of 55’, Nathan Merritt’s famous field goal, or that time you shook Jason Clark’s hand at Easties carpark, plenty will need to hear the fabled stories of the men in Red and Green, whether it’s for the first time of the one thousand two hundred and thirty forth time, Grandpa Rick. Bonus fact: John Sattler ate a steak just an hour after breakfast on Grand Final day, so be sure to do so too on BBQ day, but try not to break anything, especially not your jaw.

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3.  Deck Your Backyard In Red and Green

Let’s face it, even with Christmas still over two months away, you can bet your Rabbitohs Membership that the big department stores will be trying their best to get ahead for the holiday season. So why not get a jump on the festivities by decking out your house in beautiful Red and Green, Rabbitohs style? Bring out the Red and Green aprons, towels, scarves, jerseys, flags and banners and make it a very Rabbitohs Christmas. You can even go the extra mile with Red and Green coloured sausages, or even some veggies (but come on, who eats veggies anymore, seriously?).

4.  Play A Game Of Backyard Footy

Forget cricket, no Rabbitohs themed barbeque would be complete without a game of backyard footy. Whether it’s youngins’ vs oldies, the boys vs the girls, or if you just want to gang up on the youngest one there, backyard footy is the epitome of barbeque sporting culture. Put in a Greg Inglis fend on your younger siblings, charge into your frail older relatives like Sam Burgess and kick the ball with precision like Adam Reynolds despite the fact that the dead ball line doesn’t exist because no one thought to come up with it.

5.  Have Fun

No matter who you’re with, what you’re eating (so long as there’s plenty of meat), where you are or why you’re there, a Rabbitohs Barbeque needs to be done in the spirit of South Sydney.
Spend time with your relatives, have a kick of the footy, enjoy some great food, tell plenty of stories and be happy you're a part of the best family in Rugby League!

Go the Rabbitohs!              

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